Stainless Steel Vacuum Plating

- Apr 26, 2018-

Vacuum plating is to deposit various metal and non-metal films on the surface of plastic parts under vacuum conditions by distillation or sputtering. In this way, a very thin surface coating can be obtained, and at the same time, the adhesion is good. Outstanding advantages, but the price is higher, there are fewer types of metal that can be operated, generally used for functional coating of higher-grade products, such as the use as an internal shielding layer. There are two common electroplating processes for plastic products: water electroplating and vacuum ion plating.

Used in stainless steel is: vacuum ion plating, also known as vacuum coating. The practice of vacuum plating is now a more popular practice, made out of a strong sense of metal products, high brightness. Compared with other coating methods, the cost is low, and the pollution to the environment is small. Now it is widely used in various industries.

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